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Watch Live Football. The History Of Online Streaming.

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A Brief History of Online Streaming

Data is traditionally transmitted over the Internet as a unicast address (single sender-single receiver) or anycast address (single sender-nearest network receiver). If a live broadcast is shown then both of the above addressing systems would require as many signals as there are users. If the entire nation is watching a live football match, then it needs millions of signals to be transmitted, which will soon flood and jam the whole transmission system. A way was to be found out whereby there would be a single sender, who would send a single signal that could be tapped by any number of users. This is known as multicasting, where there is a single sender but multiple users. Online streams are all multicasted. The Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) supports unicast, anycast, and multicast addressing system.

The birth of multicasting. Multicasting was conceived and introduced by Steve Deering, a Stanford University graduate student, in the late 1980s in his doctorate dissertation titled, “Multicast Routing in a Datagram Network” which was subsequently used as a basis for further research in the premier IP-Multicasting IETF document – RFC1112. Dr. Deering’s IP-Multicast solution suite comprised of two protocols, namely IGMP (Internet Group Message Protocol) and DVMRP (Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol).

The birth of MBone. Most of the routers in the Internet support unicast-addressing system and so in 1992, several servers equipped with multicast routers (Mrouters) were placed at specific locations in a mesh topology, which connected to different unicast routers in a star topology across the world. These multicast servers formed a backbone for multicasting and came to be known as Multicast Backbone or MBone. Since the intervening routers were not multicast, the MBone used IP “tunneling” to unicast the multicast data between the Mrouter islands. The MBone comprises of a mix of Sun Sparc UNIX routers and Cisco routers.

The DVMRP was not a very scaleable solution as the unicast-based RIPv2 (Routing Information Protocol) offered only 32 router hops. Therefore, three protocols were developed, namely, PIM-DM (Protocol Independent Multicasting – Dense Mode), PIM-SM (Protocol Independent Multicasting – Sparse Mode), and MOSPF (Multicast Open Shortest Path First). The IGMP as first proposed by Dr. Deering is still the only deployed mechanism to determine interested user nodes in multicast sources. In the IP-multicast paradigm, these five protocols have spanned numerous applications. The MBone network uses applications like SDR for session directories, VAT for audio transmissions, VIC for video streaming transmissions, and WB tool for white-board collaboration and information exchange. Multicasting has significantly advanced and now uses switches, data-plane processing, aging, timeouts, sizing RAM tables, CAM tables, and decoding protocols, etc. This technological advancement has enabled global viewers to watch live football.

Watch Live Football, Watch Streaming Football

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