European Super Cup 2008 Live Online

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The European Super Cup ( UEFA Super Cup ) is at stake in an annual football game between the reigning champions of the UEFA Cup and the Champions League. It takes place at the start of the domestic season, in August.

The most successful team is Italian side AC Milan , who have won the trophy five times.


The European Super Cup was created in 1972 by Anton Witkamp, a reporter and later sports editor of Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf. The idea came to him in a time where Dutch total football was Europe’s finest and Dutch football clubs were living their golden era (especially Ajax ). Witkamp was looking for something new to definitely decide which was the best team in Europe. That time he proposed that the winner of the European Cup would face the winner of the Cup Winners’ Cup.

All was set for a new competition to appear. When Witkamp tried to get an official endorsement to his competition, the UEFA president turned it down.

Still, the cup dispute went ahead despite the unofficial status. It was played in two legs and was financially supported by Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf. Ajax beat Rangers and won the very first European Super Cup. Since then, the competition has been officially recognized and supported by UEFA.

In some years the European Super Cup was decided to keep in one single match whether because of schedule dilemmas or political problems. In 1974, 1981 and 1985, the European Super Cup was not played at all. Since 1998 the European Super Cup has always been decided in one single match.

At the end of the 1998/99 season, the Cup Winners’ Cup was discontinued by UEFA. Since the beginning of the 1999/2000 season, the European Super Cup has been contested between the respective winners of the UEFA Champions League (formerly the European Cup before the format was changed) and the UEFA Cup .

Trophy changes

The UEFA Super Cup trophy has undergone several changes in its history. The first trophy that was presented to Ajax in 1973 and 1974 was extremely large, bigger than the European cup, this was replaced by a plaque, that had a Gold UEFA Emblem on it with the continent inscribed within the Emblem. The next trophy was the smallest and lightest of all the European club trophies, weighing 5kg and measuring 42.5cm in height (the UEFA Champions League trophy weighs 8kg and the UEFA Cup 15kg). Now, the new model weighs 12.2kg.

As in other UEFA trophies, the team which wins 3 times in a row or 5 in total, keeps the trophy permanently; this was the case of AC Milan in 2007.

UEFA Super Cup 2008 Live Online

The 2008 UEFA Super Cup will be a football match that will be contested by the winners of the 2007–08 UEFA Champions League (English team Manchester United) and the winners of the 2007–08 UEFA Cup (Zenit St. Petersburg of Russia).

The match will be played on 29 August 2008 at the Stade Louis II in Monaco. Stade Louis II hosts UEFA Super Cup not fo the first time.


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