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The Italian Serie A is the top league of football teams in Italy. Watch live Serie A with Live Sport Network. Serie A is part of the Italian football league and forms the top layer of its structure. Italian Serie A and Serie B make up the National professional league. Below that you have the Serie C divided into C1 and C2 and onward you have Serie D there are 5 more levels of Italian football all representing different ranks and abilities, but all contributing to the Italian football association.

The Italian Serie A has a similar structure and playing schedule to other European nations. The Italian Serie A consists of 20 teams who each play each other twice in a single season. This makes a total of 38 games played in a single season. The Italian Serie A games play a true round robin format. The first 19 games are played comprising the first half of the season and each team playing each other once. Then the second half of the season is played, repeating the exact same playing order. The only difference being, the venue is changed. Those that had the home field advantage the first time around will be the away team in the second part on the season. Italian Serie A football also operates a system of relegation and promotion. As with many other European Football leagues, the top 3 teams from serie b can be promoted while the lowest Serie A teams can be relegated.

The Italian football league has a long history. From 1898-1929 the teams were organized into regional groups. From 1929 onward it followed a structure similar to what is practiced today. The most successful Italian Serie A teams were Juventus, with 27 championships and AC Milan with 17. The Italian football league makes a great contribution to the international competitions. The top 4 teams from Italian Serie A football are sent to the UEFA champion’s league. The top two teams are automatically put through to the group stages. The fifth and sixth place Italian Serie A football teams qualify for the UEFA cup.

Football is the most popular sport in Italy. Italy has also produced some of the world’s biggest stars. The Italian football league has its share of ups and downs in the past. Tragedy struck in the 1948-49 season when a plane crash claimed all of the lives of the Tourino team. More recently in the 2005/2006 season, several of the top Series teams were involved in a match fixing scandal. This resulted in 4 Italian Serie A teams being put under investigation and trial.

Despite the hardships the Italian Serie A has endured, it will surely continue. The excitement that the Serie A league contributes to the international and domestic game is hard to match. Using Live Sport Network it is possible to Watch Live Serie A football online on your pc. Catch Serie A matches and games as part of our low annual membership fee.

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