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Live Sport Network provide access to over 2,000 sporting events per year. You will find below fixtures for all major events in the football season. By joining footy-live you can watch live football online on your pc and catch all the latest action. Whether you follow the English Premier League live or the German Bundesliga, Euro 2008 Qualifiers or UEFA Champions League live; we cater to all tastes and nationalities providing the best football feeds and football streams available on the net.

English Premier League Fixtures
Premier League November 2006
Premier League December 2006
Premier League January 2007
Premier League February 2007
Premier League March 2007
Premier League April 2007
Premier League May 2007
More PremierShip Matches
FA Cup Fixtures
FA Cup November 2006
More FA Cup Matches
Carling Cup Fixtures
Carling Cup Fixtures Dec 2006
More Carling Cup Matches
Euro 2008 Qualifier Fixtures
Euro 2008 Qualifier Nov 2006
Euro 2008 Qualifier Feb 2007
Euro 2008 Qualifier Mar 2007
Euro 2008 Qualifier Jun 2007
Euro 2008 Qualifier Aug 2007
Euro 2008 Qualifier Sep 2007
Euro 2008 Qualifier Oct 2007
Euro 2008 Qualifier Nov 2007
More Euro 2008 Matches
UEFA Champions League Fixtures
Champions League 5th Dec 2006
Champions League 6th Dec 2006
More Champions League Matches
UEFA Cup Fixtures
UEFA Cup 23rd November 2006
UEFA Cup 29th November 2006
UEFA Cup 30th November 2006
UEFA Cup 13th December 2006
UEFA Cup 14th December 2006
More UEFA Cup Matches
Scottish Premier League Fixtures
Scottish Premier League Nov 2006
Scottish Premier League Dec 2006
Scottish Premier League Jan 2007
Scottish Premier League Feb 2007
Scottish Premier League Mar 2007
Scottish Premier League Apr 2007
More SPL Matches
French Ligue 1 Fixtures
French Ligue 1 November 2006
French Ligue 1 December 2006
French Ligue 1 January 2007
French Ligue 1 February 2007
French Ligue 1 March 2007
French Ligue 1 April 2007
French Ligue 1 May 2007
More French Ligue 1 Matches
Italian Serie A Fixtures
Serie A November 2006
Serie A December 2006
Serie A January 2007
Serie A February 2007
Serie A March 2007
Serie A April 2007
Serie A May 2007
More Serie A Matches
Spanish La Ligue Fixtures
Spanish La Ligue November 2006
Spanish La Ligue December 2006
Spanish La Ligue January 2007
Spanish La Ligue February 2007
Spanish La Ligue March 2007
Spanish La Ligue April 2007
Spanish La Ligue May 2007
Spanish La Ligue May 2007
More La Ligue Matches
German Bundesliga Fixtures
German Bundesliga November 2006
German Bundesliga December 2006
German Bundesliga January 2007
German Bundesliga February 2007
German Bundesliga March 2007
German Bundesliga April 2007
German Bundesliga May 2007
More Bundesliga Matches
Match Results
More Match Results

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