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The Spanish La Liga is the top professional football league for Spain. As part of your Live Sport Network membership you can watch live La Liga. The Spanish La Liga is highly respected and is considered one of the best football leagues in the world. The Spanish La Liga plays a very important role in international competitions. The top four teams from The Spanish La Liga are automatically put forward for the UEFA champions league. The fifth and Sixth place teams are automatically sent to the UEFA cup. Spanish La Liga football also has some of the most highly competitive domestic tournaments. The top team in The Spanish La liga plays against the Copa Del Rey winners for the Super Copa De Espana.

The Spanish La Liga was first formed in 1928. Ideas were being thrown about for a Spanish professional league. The ideas were eventually accepted and the original Spanish La Liga was formed. It consisted of 10 teams who were all previous winners of the Copa del rey. The league was quite popular and continued to grown in strength and popularity. Team names such as Barcelona and Real Madrid definitely won their share of La Liga titles. The Spanish Civil war of the 1930 put a temporary stop to the La Liga tournament. However, when it emerged in 1940 it was stronger and better than ever before.

The 1940’s brought forward more teams and others that showed their gaining strength. Real Madrid and Barcelona had continued success. Other teams such as Valencia and Bilboa will also gaining momentum. Spanish La Liga football again was temporarily suspended in the 1940’s due to the outbreak of the Second World War. However, it re-emerged in 1946 with Sevilla FC winning their title.

One of the most well known and successful football clubs in Spain and worldwide is Real Madrid. The club was one of the dominating forces in the Spanish La liga matches and this was never truer than between the years of 1969-1980. The club won the title 11 times between those years making Real Madrid one of the most sought after organizations to play for and recruit from.

Today football continues to be the most popular sport in Spain. The Spanish La Liga still continues their tradition of high quality teams, and games packed full of suspense and emotion. The Spanish La Liga will ensure that Spain continues to play a vital role in European Football as well as football around the world. With your Live Sport Network membership you can Watch Live La Liga and catch Spain’s top La Liga teams in live UEFA Champions league and UEFA cup games. Also catch Spain as they progress through the Euro 2008 qualifiers.

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