FreeLinksManager Integrated with Power Directory Builder
The result is a tool more powerful than any other link building and exchanging tool!

Link Manager Demo

How to integrate FreeLinksManager into your site

In this example, we will integrate FreeLinksManager to the page: to result in this FreeLinksManager directory:

Follow these steps:

1) Install FreeLinksManager.

1) Inspecting the page, and you will find that a good place to add FreeLinksManager is the line below “Courtesy Basket Links Continued…”.

2) Open the file example.html with a text editor or click view source from your browser. Then, copy and paste everything above the line “Courtesy Basket Links Continued…” into the FreeLinksManager file “header_template.htm”.

3) Copy and paste everything below the line “The Big Fringe.” into the FreeLinksManager file “footer_template.htm”.

4) Login to your FreeLinksManager and click the “update files” button and the result should look like this:

5) Done.

Note: If the images are not displayed properly, make sure you use an absolute path. For example, if the image link is: , change it to either or .

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