Euro 2008 – more than a game. The Second can be the First.

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The quarterfinals brought many surprises. In the match Portugal vs Germany, Portuguese had no force to fight till the end. The match was great and tense till the last minute, it exulted football fans by three goals from Germans and two goals from Portugal. So, we will see Germany, the second number of Group B, in the semi-final. Nuno Gomes and Helder Postiga , Bastian Schweinsteiger, Miroslav Klose and Michael Ballack were the most successful players.

The second match of quarterfinal was less thrilling than the first one. Croatia, who didn’t lose any game in group tournament, showed hardly a game of winners. Turkey were fast and definite. That evening success was on the Turkey side. The score 1-1 during the basic time put teams to the penalty shoot-out. Turkey appeared more assembled and sure. They defeated Croatia 1-3.

We have got the first pair of semi-finalist. Wednesday 25 June 2008 Germany vs Turkey. They were both the second in their groups but defeated firsts numbers. It will be a terrific struggle between two great teams. Germany, according to the bookmakers rates, are the leaders of tournament but we know well that Turkey is not that team, who easily surrender. Both teams have a great wish to win in any case. Let us see what team will be the winner.

The most unexpected participant of the semi-final – Russia. Who could think that Hiddink would bring his team to the semi-final. Netherlands could hardly imagine that Russia would beat them with the score 1-3. Netherlands won all the tournament games and were leaders of the group and the favorites of the tournament but Russian desire to win was stronger. Russia appeared in the group tournament by accident and the match against Sweden was decisive for them. They should thank to their coach, who brilliantly managed with his work. Even Russian playes thought that the match with Netherlands would be the last. Yes, it was the last but for Netherlands.

In the last match Italy vs Spain the fortune was at the Spain side. After basic and extra time the score was 0-0. 120 minutes fans were waiting for the result and the winner was defined by the penalty shoot-out. This time Spain was a little bit stronger than Italy. Unfortunately, Italy couldn’t prove their status of World Champions. Spain is on the way to the final.

Thursday 26 June 2008 Spain vs Russia. Russia has a good chance to prove that it’s defeat in the group tournament was a mistake. Or Spain will show again what team is better. There are some days left and we will know the winners of the semi-finals. And two team who will fight for the champion’s title.


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