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The UEFA Champion’s League is the league tournament for clubs from the European nations. It was created in 1955 and began 1 month after the first UEFA conference was help in Vienna. The UEFA Champion’s League owes a lot to the French. In the beginning it was thought that the French were only trying to create a venue for their home teams, but surprised everyone when they lobbied heavily for a Europe wide tournament and league.

The very first tournament of the UEFA Champion’s League was tiny compared to today’s standard. 16 clubs entered and the matches were played in Lisbon. There was also no stipulation in place that the entering teams had to be champions of their own country. However, it was felt that the better clubs would be naturally encouraged to participate.

In the early years of the UEFA Champions League it looked as if the Spanish would reign supreme forever. The club Real Madrid won the first 5 finals. However, since then the victories have been scattered and spread out. There have been successful teams such as Bayern Munchen and AC Ajax winning 3 consecutive titles. However, both teams have had to wait decades for their fourth title. Real Madrid still remains the only football club to win 5 consecutive UEFA titles.

The UEFA Champion’s League tournament underwent a serious change in the 1992-1993 season. They decided to introduce team grouping and they use the knockout system during the finals and semi final rounds. When piloted the year before, the system received endless praise. It also expanded the tournament from allowing only 8 teams to 32.

Today the UEFA Champions League tournament not only stages the biggest matches in Europe but it is also widely followed by neutral supporters. Hundreds of teams from across the continent start out in hopes of raising the UEFA Champions League trophy. The popularity of the tournament has grown as well. The UEFA Champion’s League games are not only broadcast in their home countries, but all over the world. The UEFA Champion’s League final is one of the most watched sporting events world wide and success is very lucrative for the football club.

Today, Barcelona are the current UEFA Champions defeating the mighty Arsenal. The 2007 cup is still very much anyone’s game. However, this year promises to be an exciting as any and you can catch all the Champions League Matches Live online with Live Sport Network of the previous.

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